Wednesday, January 5, 2005

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

Here in Baltimore we are having a very early Spring...rain instead of snow, dark cloudy skies instead of glaringly bright off of snow. Most bizarre.
Last Sunday we cohosted an Open House with our backdoor neighbor (and my longest term friend) Steven. Our friends and business partners Jeff and Isaac came up from Bowie with Jeff's dad and two cousins visiting for the holidays. Our friends Kate and Pam brought two friends who are moving here from Florida. Mark and Dennis, a couple from across town, and Ed and Rick two of the most talented artists/musicians I've ever known. Patty Kay our next door neighbor also stopped by. It was good to gather after the holiday chaos. Eat and catch up. I made a fabulous pork roast and some vegitarian curry/chili. We ate a lot, drank enough and all had a good time. And so it is in a world beset by tsunamis, war, chaos and confusion a handful of people gathered onthe 8th Day of Christmas. For all my complaining I have to admit that I am well blessed in the friends I have around me. They are my real family.
That's all, nothing profound, no great poetry just the musings of an old bear in Baltimore! Grace and Peace!

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